Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy


The term "Personal Information" used in this Privacy Policy refers to information such as your credit card information, including your name, date of birth, e-mail address or your postal address, which may identify you.


FOTECH Fiber Optik Teknolojik Hizmetler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (FOTECH), with this privacy policy, we aim to inform all our users about the use and disclosure of the Personal Information collected on our website www.fotech.com.tr/en/ (http://www.fotech.com.tr/en/). FOTECH values ​​the privacy of its users and we respect the concerns of our users about the confidentiality of the personal information shared with us and the security of the information. Therefore, the "Privacy Policy" is designed to protect your privacy and provide you with a secure experience in the provision of information, and FOTECH undertakes not to use personal information without the consent of the users and to comply with the internationally accepted privacy protection standards in the use of Personal Information.


Before using this Web Site or transmitting your Personal Information to us, FOTECH shall ask the users to read this Privacy Policy and the Information Form for Protection of Personal Data (https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/content/information-form-for-protection-of-personal-data). This Privacy Policy may be changed or renewed from time to time for any reason without notice. We may not warn you about renewed contracts. In this case, however, we would like to point out that the updated version of the Privacy Policy reflecting these changes will be immediately installed on the Website. We therefore recommend that users review periodically about the updated Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this Privacy Policy before each use, as you will be responsible for the changes made. FOTECH will use the Personal Information only for the purposes specified in the Personal Data Protection Form and for:

To receive your orders, to provide our products and services, to make payments, to contact you for marketing purposes about your orders, products and services, to update your information, to manage and maintain your membership, to suggest products and services that may be of your interest, to enable 3rd parties or our partners to complete actions regarding technical, logistics, marketing or other functions on our behalf, to send publications, send e-mails or notifications, to answer your questions and to provide an effective customer service, to provide information about new content.


If you do not want to receive commercial electronic messages to be sent by FOTECH and you do not agree to receive it, you can click the https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/unsubscribe-enewsletter  (https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/unsubscribe-enewsletter) link and exit the list. In this way, FOTECH will release you from the mailing list. If you wish to terminate the purchase of commercial electronic messages at any time separately from this link, you may find our contact info on the https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/contact (https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/contact) page to inform us about your request.


The financial information collected is used for the sales process and the accounting for the products and services you purchase. When you make a purchase on the Web Site, you agree that your financial information is provided to third parties (banks, credit card companies, etc.) required to perform your transaction. The information to be shared includes all required financial information including credit card number, expiration date, CVV2.


The information provided to you to provide you with the Personal Information and the Website is intended for the purpose of the service and, in principle, is not sold, rented or otherwise used to third parties. However, in accordance with the legislation, FOTECH will share the information on your behalf with the relevant authorities if it duly requests from the competent, administrative and official authorities.


You agree to our use of all information collected from you as of the moment you use the Website, as described in our privacy policy. The information obtained for the above purpose is provided to you completely with your free will. Users are free to give us this Personal Information. However, in order to provide users with faster and more quality service, we recommend that they provide the information requested by the users on the Website. Please also note that it is not possible to fulfill the request if the required information required by the requested service is not provided. It is the responsibility of the users to ensure that the information provided by the users is correct and complete. Please do not give false, misleading or incomplete information. In such a case FOTECH will not accept any responsibility. If FOTECH incurs a loss due to misleading, misleading or incomplete information, it is the responsibility of the user to compensate this loss.


If you have any questions about this contract or if you have any questions about the use or disclosure of your personal information, you can contact FOTECH at eticaret@fotech.com.tr (mailto:eticaret@fotech.com.tr). The Website may contain links or references to other websites that are not under the control of FOTECH. The inclusion of these links on the Web Site does not imply that FOTECH has any links with these sites. FOTECH is not responsible for the contents of these websites or any other links they contain. These other websites can upload their own cookies to their users' computers and collect information. Other websites have their own privacy and use agreements and may use the information shared by users for different purposes. FOTECH's recommendation is to read the user's contract before using other websites. Apart from Personal Information, in addition to Personal Information, users can also collect and compile other information about users when the Website is visited by users. This information, which is not automatically compiled, is compiled with various technologies called cookies.


Cookies are small-scale text files that are transferred from the website to the hard disk of the computers. We collect this information in order to change our products that you are interested in and need. Users can set up their own web crawler, preferably to deny "cookies" or to be warned when "cookie" is sent. Rejecting "cookies" on the entered site may prevent certain areas of the site or personalized information from being received when the site is visited. Every time you visit our site, our server records information sent by your browser to each page view ("log information"). This log information stores information such as your IP address, browser type, domain you're visiting, websites you've visited, and search criteria. Most users' IP addresses change on each turn. We use log information to make technical analysis of our website and to provide the success of our service. Unless our use or privacy policy is violated, we do not match the IP address we have obtained with any personal information.


FOTECH takes technological and institutional measures to protect all Personal Information collected and transmitted, and these measures are constantly updated and adapted to technological progress. We recommend that users do not have an absolute guarantee of the confidentiality of the Personal Information transmitted over the Internet and that users should take the highest possible measure when transmitting Personal Information on the Internet. All your credit card and personal information is encrypted with the 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) system, which is an internet security standard. In this way, it is prevented that any unintended person or institution will not get this information in any way during the circulation on the internet.


FOTECH informs the users about this in no time at the moment they notice any infringement related to the Personal Information, allows them to be followed in a lawful manner and provides the security of the information in the best way possible. FOTECH will always keep your Personal Information up-to-date and correct with your support. However, if your Personal Information requires deletion, modification or updating, please contact with FOTECH at eticaret@fotech.com.tr (mailto:eticaret@fotech.com.tr) and send your requests.


This site is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. If a parent discovers that his or her child has entered personal information without his / her consent, he / she can share this personal information with FOTECH. FOTECH does not request information from children under 18 years of age. If we find that any person under 18 years of age has been sharing personal information with us, we will immediately delete that information from the system. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us through the communication section on our website: https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/contact. Please click here to reach our contact information. (Https://www.fotech.com.tr/en/contact)


Cookie Policy


Like many websites, this Web Site also uses cookies for various purposes. The technical communication files called cookies are small text files that a website sends to the user's computer or mobile browser.


What are cookies used for?


The website is intended to provide users with tailored content and advertisements appropriate to their interests and needs. The purpose of this is to make the Web site experience better by preventing unnecessary user display. Cookies help us to recognize you, which makes us more useful and useful with the content and ads we think you'll be interested in.


1. Cookies; When you enter the Web Site, you may be used to display ads that may be of interest to you and to see if you are interested in this ad after seeing an ad on the Website, and whether you have visited the site of the product or service concerned.


2. The number of users visiting the Website, the type of user, the frequency of visits, the user behavior and habits, the countries in which the users visited the site, etc. Cookies can be used to create statistics.


3. On the Website, cookies placed by third parties (eg cookies used on the Website to access ads for those individuals) may be used to more accurately determine user preferences. The data collected through these cookies can also be used to place ads or content for users on other visited sites.


4. The use of cookies for the purposes described above may be carried out on the Website. Even in such a case, the aim is to provide the user with specific content and advertisements specific to the areas of interest.


5. Information about the sites visited by the user can be processed through the cookies used on the Web Site.


What information is received and processed through cookies?


Which site was visited from the website and which site was visited after the Web Site, the geographical location of the users, their response to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the user gave to the Website on his own request, the preferences made on the Website, the social Transactions related to Web site pages can be received and processed on sharing sites. Your membership information you submit to the Website may be processed for the purposes specified herein. Because data is retrieved and processed from social networking sites through certain applications (apps), you can be notified of what data you want to process for your application. By not giving approval to the relevant application, it is also possible to prevent the processing of your personal data within the scope you specify.


Preventing Cookie Use:


You may be able to block cookies through your browser, but you may not be able to use certain features on the Web Site if you block them. It is recommended that you check your browser settings to see if your browser allows you to manage cookies.


Sharing data collected with 3rd parties with the help of cookies:


The behavioral and personal data, which are collected with the help of cookies and described in detail above and in the Information Form for Protection of Personal Data, may be shared with the business partners and third parties for the purposes specified in this policy. Links to, and access to, sites and content managed by third parties may be provided on the Website. The Website does not have any control or intervention authority over third party content.


“Plugins” can exist in our website for third party platforms. Information collected on users' visits to the Website may be used by said third-party platforms. If users visit the Web Site while they are linked to their accounts on these platforms, the information collected by the Web Site and third parties may be associated. The user data collected for the purposes mentioned herein may be combined with the Web Site and the data contained in the various customer satisfaction-oriented marketing programs to which the user is a member. The purpose of this is to provide a personalized service to the users within the scope of this application as well as other marketing programs by getting to know the user needs more closely. The combined data can be processed here and with the purposes and methods included in the membership contract of the relevant marketing program.


Personal data processed by the Web Site or 3rd Persons under this policy may be shared with the 3rd parties who have been served by the Web Site or by the 3rd Party for the purpose of processing such data, but only for the purpose of receiving such services. 3. Persons receiving services may keep this data at home or abroad and may transfer data between domestic or international data.


Compliance with Legal Regulations


In respect of personal data and cookies, the Web Site does not act for any purpose other than those specified in the Information Form on the Protection of Personal Data and not in accordance with the legislation. Your data will be protected by high security measures. This application is revised in accordance with legal developments and the form and scope determined by the law shall be adjusted. Visiting the Website means that the user agrees to the use of cookies and the processing of personal data within this policy.


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