Top 500 IT Companies

Top 500 IT Companies

Top 500 IT Companies

31 August 2020

BTHaber Group of Companies for 26 years, '' Turkey's Informatics Voice 'which BTHaber, to serve the Turkish IT sector, the business world of technology more effectively, has been committed to providing developing information tools to use consciously and efficiently.

Starting from this point, it presents to the public every year a detailed study that lists the top 500 companies of the Turkish IT sector in terms of their general and sub-categories in terms of their turnover, and determines the predictions and characteristics of the market.

The data on the '' Bilişim 500 - FIRST FIVE HUNDRED IT COMPANY Research '', which is one of the leading and most meaningful products of the IT sector, which was held for the 21st time this year, is perceived as the most important and unique mirror of the sector, it is a reference in public and private sector purchases as well as informatics companies. It is used as.

The foreign investor and carrying out the important task guidance to companies who want to create co-research data want to invest in Turkey Turkey is the first and only publication in reference to the nature of the IT industry.

As Fotech; Since 1989, we provide end solution from end to end, information technology in the field of telecommunications infrastructure and low current systems, Turkey's industry is pioneering systems integrator and distributor, Turkey and businesses improve their information technology has made important contributions in the development of all areas and offering solutions which is the only comprehensive survey of companies

According to the "Top 500 IT Companies Research" 2019 data,

It has risen 72 steps from the 223th row and ranked 151th.

Our rise continued in the other categories evaluated.

System Integrator and Business Partner - Telecommunication Infrastructure Hardware

4th place

System Integrator and Partner - Hardware

Place 26

Category coverage:

Server: Medium-sized and large-sized computers in a network structure (including thin client and dumb terminal) that direct the data storage and communication of the computers connected to it and are designed for this purpose. Servers can also present their application software to users via satellite computers.
Data backup and storage hardware: Includes hardware products used for data backup.
Network equipment: Bridge, hub, router, switch etc. used in local and remote area networks. products include cable and cabling equipment, and modems, access devices and interface hardware that use wired, wireless, optical and other transmission media as a guide for local and remote area networks.
Security Camera hardware: Includes hardware such as CCTV, IP camera.
Information Security hardware: Includes network security hardware.
Image and sound systems: It includes all kinds of screen and acoustic transducers for delivering image and sound information to the user, and readers who read the recorded data and transfer it to them. (Plasma displays, DVD and VCD players, LED or fluorescent backlit LCD, all-LED or OLED and CRT displays)
Telecommunication infrastructure equipment: It includes all kinds of active and passive infrastructure equipment used in the construction of telecommunication networks outside of a campus.

System Integrator and Partner - Software

Place 83

Category coverage:

Security software: It includes all kinds of security and encryption software products for securing networks and internet-based computing and protecting systems, as well as biometrics software.
Virtualization: It includes software that can be used to install virtually any of the operating systems, storage hardware or network resources instead of installing the original one.

System Integrator and Partner - Service

Place 74

Category coverage:

Consulting: It includes management, process, implementation, planning, strategy and technical consultancy services in information systems.
Installation / Maintenance / Support service: Includes installation, maintenance and support services on hardware and software.

System Integrator and Partner

Place 42

We would like to thank all our strategic partners, customers and employees, our most valuable resource, who contributed to our success this year.


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