ControlBridge Processor 200

Product Name ControlBridge Processor 200
Product Code CB-CP200
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It enables the control and management of all equipment for small and medium sized meeting rooms and training classes.

  • RJ-45 Network Port
  • Phoenix 3.5mm Control Port
  • 2x Bidirectional serial RS-232/422/485 5-pin
  • 4x IR/serial output, 2-pin
  • 4x General I/O (analog input or digital output) 5-pin with common ground
  • 2x Relay 3-pin; Audio: Line in, 3-pin, Line out: 3-pin
  • 256 MB Internal RAM
  • Min. 4 GB Internal microSD card
  • 10/100BASE-T wired network
  • Use this mid-sized Processor alone to control serial and other general, such as screens, monitors, projectors, TVs, and other AV equipment.
  • Pair it with the ControlBridge Wired Desktop Touch Panel to also control Ethernet enabled devices.
  • Use this system for multimedia and AV integration, presentation control, as well as automated control of lighting, window shades, and other room systems.
  • A variety of control ports—serial plus versatile ports —enable you to control just about everything.
  • Bidirectional RS-232/422/485 serial channels expand your connections options.
  • Provides a wired 10/100BASET Ethernet connection.
  • Easy control with an IR remote.
  • Set up and manage via a standard Web browser.
  • Features a real time clock for scheduling applications.
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