EXFO ConnectorMax MPO Link Tester

Product Name EXFO ConnectorMax MPO Link Tester
Product Code TK-MFS-24
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MPO connectors are today's popular connectivity solutions, as they provide a more efficient and more flexible solution at high speeds.

An innovative cable type, MPO cables; Multiple solutions for checking and verifying MPO 12 and MPO 24 Single Mode (SM) or Multi Mode (MM) cables as well as any type of MPO / MTP® fiber optic cable connector connectors, including APC or UPC male or female connectors is a test and imaging device.

With the free ConnectorMax app that can be installed on smart devices with a wireless connection,

May have information about the physical appearance of the connector, possible dirt, scratches, etc. You can troubleshoot quickly by detecting problems on the spot.

You can edit and share the information received through the ConnectorMax application as a report.

OPEX provides efficiency by lowering your CAPEX costs.

Distance range

  • Singlemode - 5 km
  • Multimode - 2 km
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB AC adapter/charger
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Soft carrying case
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