Security Systems

With a good planning and design, it is possible to install secure, defendable and cost effective data centers. Security systems are an essential part of data centers.

For physical security, a popular solution today is the cage system, in which a password or fingerprint reader is placed at each front and back door of each cabinet, which is a security-increasing precaution. These security mechanisms may be placed only per room, which is a lower level of security, as well as per cabinet. If tighter security is needed, multi-layer physical security systems may be installed such as: secure perimeter, biometric/card entries and video monitoring systems. Visitor access may be monitored and controlled both in data center entrance and inside the data center. Beside the comprehensive CCTV video camera monitoring systems, security breach alarms and physical barriers can be implemented in high-security requiring data centers.

For disaster security, primarily, fire and fluid leakage detecting mechanisms are crucial in terms of enabling urgent response. Extra resources for services such as electricity, water, voice and data should be present in data centers, disaster recovery mechanisms should be set and roles of the responsible people in emergency case should be defined.

Especially in data centers, where many heat sensitive devices and static electric exist, a fire can easily start and expand. Therefore, it is of great importance that a fire detection system –which cannot be considered separately from the climate control system–  is placed with the right engineering. For example, placing the fire detectors crosswise is crucial in terms of avoiding facing wrong alarms.

Besides, fluid leakage detection is also very critical in data centers. Due to having the feature of easily spreading among the building, fluid leakage poses huge risk. The danger caused by fluid leakage, in other words, high cost and suffering of people using that data cannot be ignored in such an environment containing many electrical devices. In order to eliminate this danger, right leakage detectors and detection cables should be placed at right points with the right engineering. Systems that enable urgent response via quick detection and alarm and/or message-sending mechanisms are crucial.

Fotech offers secure solutions with its leading business partners:

  • Access Control Solutions
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Environmental Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Flood, Earthquake)
  • Fire Detection and Extinction
  • Liquid Leakage Detection and Alarm