SSU, SDU Solutions

As the technology services expand, we confront complex network applications. There are many active devices in these networks and their synchronization is of great importance. Otherwise, it would cause the companies to offer services of poor quality. In complex networks, extra exit capacity is needed at network nodes in order to synchronize the supplementary equipment.

SSUs (Synchronization Supply Units) are used for a reliable synchronization distribution. They eliminate the higher frequency phase noise by filtering the synchronization signal they receive and provide distribution to synchronize other local devices by providing output in scalable numbers and have the capability to continue producing high quality output even if the input references are lost.

SDUs (Synchronization Distribution Units) are used for the distribution of synchronization references to the network equipment like switch.

Fotech determines the optimal synchronization solution by analyzing the customer requirements and takes an active role at each step from engineering to implementation.

  • Avoiding Noise by Synchronization Signal Filtering
  • Distribution for other local equipment’s synchronization
  • “Holdover Mode”